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Branch Library Meeting Rooms - Terms of Use and Application Form

Meadows and George Reynolds Branch Libraries

Approved by the Library Commission August 1, 2001; non-substantive changes made January 7, 2004 & January 4, 2006.


The Meadows and Reynolds Branches of the Boulder Public Library make their meeting rooms available to government, neighborhood and not-for-profit groups on a space available basis, in accordance with the Library Bill of Rights and subject to the following terms and conditions:

Terms of Use

  1. Meetings must be held during the Branch Libraries' operating hours.
  2. All meetings, programs, and exhibits, without exception, must be open to the public. With the exception of Library programs, no admission or fees may be charged, nor may items or services be bought or sold, nor may contributions, collections, or gifts be solicited. This includes the collection of money to cover the cost of meeting and/or printed material. Persons using the meeting room must abide by the Library Rules.
  3. Fire code requires that no group shall exceed the room capacity (110 people for Meadows, 50 people for Reynolds).
  4. By signing the application, the user(s) accept responsibility for damage or loss of Library's meeting room equipment and furnishings. The person who signs the application is responsible for the conduct of the group, and should make her/himself known to a member of the Library staff at the beginning of the meeting.
  5. The user must restore the meeting room to the conditions existing prior to use. The user agrees to pay for all damages or losses incurred to the room or its contents, as well as the cost of excessive clean up. Users are advised to walk through the meeting room with a Library staff member prior to and after their meeting to assess the condition of the room.
  6. There will be a $10.00 fee for any group that serves food or beverages.
  7. Conditions of Meeting Room Use
    • Fliers, signs, or other notices cannot be attached to the painted walls, the ceiling tiles, or any glass surface.
    • All meetings must terminate fifteen minutes before the closing time for that day.
    • City ordinance prohibits smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages in the Library.
    • Children must be supervised by adults at all times.
    • Music and noise must be kept to a reasonable level as determined by the Branch Manager and in accordance with the City's noise ordinance.
    • Persons using the meeting rooms must abide by the Library Rules.
    • Distribution of promotional or informational materials must be limited to the meeting room area. Materials may not be distributed before or after the meeting period.
  8. Use of Meeting Room Furniture and Equipment
    • The use of the pianos at the Meadows Branch and the George Reynolds Branch are for Library and City of Boulder programs only.
    • Groups must provide their own audio-visual equipment. Meeting rooms are equipped with a projection screen.
    • If food and beverages are served, the tables, chairs, carpets, kitchen sink, and cabinets must be cleaned afterward by the user group. Food and beverages must be consumed in the meeting rooms only and no serving equipment is provided by the Library. If refreshments are served, trash must be emptied in an outside dumpster at the conclusion of the meeting.
    • Chairs and tables must be set up and put away by each group.
    • Sinks do not have disposals; do not put food or waste down the drain.
    • Equipment, supplies or personal belongings of a group may not be stored or left in the Library. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
    • Library business phone use will be limited to emergency calls only. No telephone messages will be taken.
    • Use of any open flames, including incense or candles is prohibited.
  9. Flood Notification. A portion of the Reynolds Branch Library is the Bear Creek flood plain and a portion of the Meadows Branch Library is in the South Boulder Creek flood plain. Should these creeks experience major flooding, all programs in the branch library meeting rooms will be halted and people will have to leave the library.
  10. The City Attorney has concluded that discrimination against religious or spiritual groups is unconstitutional. However the use of city facilities for religious services or meetings on a routine basis is inappropriate. The city will take appropriate steps to discourage such routine use.
  11. Granting permission to use Library facilities does not constitute endorsement by the Library of the group or its beliefs.

Reservation of the Meeting Room:

  1. Reservations are on a first-come, first served basis. Call:
  2. Meadows Branch Library: 303-441-4390
    George Reynolds Branch Library: 303-441-3120

  3. Groups may make up to two reservations at one time; no additional reservations may be made until after the dates of the initial reservations have passed. Groups should notify the branch library of any cancellation prior to the day of the event.
  4. Application for reservations must be made to the branch library staff during regular business hours. The Branch Library Manager or designated personnel will review the application, determine approval or rejection, confirm the availability of the room, and arrange for requested equipment. Reservations must be made at the branch where the desired meeting room is located.
  5. Responsibility for implementing this policy and for scheduling the use of the room rests with the Branch Library Manager. The Library Director retains final authority for implementing this policy.
  6. In the case of a cancellation, contact the branch library staff no later than five days prior to a scheduled event.



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