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Boulder Creek Meeting Room - Terms of Use

Room Application

Approved by the Boulder Public Library Commission, August 5, 1998. Non-substantive changes made January 7, 2004; January 4, 2006; September 24, 2007 & February 10, 2011.


The Boulder Public Library maintains the Boulder Creek Meeting Room primarily for Library-related activities. However, the room is available to government, neighborhood and not-for-profit community groups on a space-available basis, in accordance with the Library Bill of Rights and subject to the following terms and conditions:

Terms of Use

  1. Meetings must be held during the Main Library's operating hours.
  2. All meetings, without exception, must be open to the public. With the exception of Library programs, no admission or fees may be charged, nor may items or services be bought or sold, nor may contributions, collections, or gifts be solicited. This includes the collection of money to cover the cost of meeting and/or printed material. Persons using the meeting room must abide by the Library Rules.
  3. Fire code requires that no group shall exceed the room capacity (54 people or when the room partition is used to divide it in two, the room seats 25 people in each half).
  4. By signing the application, user(s) accept responsibility for damage or loss to Library's meeting room equipment and furnishings. The person who signs the application is responsible for the conduct of the group.
  5. The user must restore the meeting room, including furnishings, to the conditions existing prior to use. The user agrees to pay for all damages of losses incurred to the room or its contents, as well as the cost of excessive clean up. If there are any questions about the condition of the room, users are advised to contact a library staff member.
  6. Parking - Special Notice: The City parking lot off Arapahoe Avenue and adjacent to the library is a "Pay by the Space" parking lot, however, library patrons, including people using the Boulder Creek Meeting Room, may park for free for up to three hours. Library users planning to stay at the library for more than three hours are advised to park elsewhere. These parking restrictions are in effect between 9 am and 7 pm Monday through Saturday only. Please be advised that in the future, all library users may be required to pay to park. Parking questions need to be directed to: Parking Services at 303-441-7300.
  7. Conditions of Meeting Room Use
    • Fliers, signs, or other notices cannot be attached to the painted walls, the ceiling tiles, or any glass surface.
    • Use of any open flames, including incense or candles is prohibited.
    • Users may not store or leave equipment, supplies, or personal belongings in the Library. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
    • City ordinance prohibits smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages in the Library.
    • Use of any Library business/staff phone is limited to emergency calls. Library staff do not take phone messages. Pay phones are available in the front lobby and near the first floor restrooms.
    • The Library provides no kitchen facilities; groups wishing to serve limited refreshments may do so only with the permission of Library Administration staff. All food or drink must be kept within the meeting room. The Library provides no serving equipment. Users serving refreshments and beverages must clean the tables, chairs, and carpet as necessary afterwards.
    • The meeting room is equipped with a projection screen that descends electronically from the ceiling. Projection equipment is available. Users must bring own laptop, VGA and audio cables.
    • Children must be supervised at all times by adults responsible for their care.
    • Music and noise must be kept at a minimal level, and in accordance with the City's noise ordinance and Library Rules.
    • Persons using the meeting rooms must abide by the Library Rules.
    • Distribution of promotional or informational materials must be limited to the meeting room area. Materials may not be distributed before or after the meeting period.
  8. Flood Notification. Portions of the Main Library are located in the Boulder Creek floodway. Should the library receive a Boulder Creek flood alert, all programs in this meeting room will be halted and people will have to leave the library.
  9. The City Attorney has concluded that discrimination against religious or spiritual groups is unconstitutional. However, The use of city facilities for religious services or meetings on a routine basis is inappropriate. The city will take appropriate steps to discourage such routine use.
  10. Granting permission to use Library facilities does not constitute endorsement by the Library of any group or its beliefs.


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